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The importance of a brake fluid change

Your brakes play an important role in keeping you safe on the roads around Newport. If you can’t rely on them, you could be in danger. Your brake fluid can absorb water during the braking process and too much can affect its boiling point. If this decreases too much, it becomes less effective at stopping your vehicle. If this happens, you could be looking at expensive brake repairs. When you book a brake fluid change with Best Garages Limited, you’ll have complete confidence in your brakes once again.

When you should book your brake fluid change in Newport

We recommend booking a brake fluid change every 30,000 miles, but other manufacturer schedules vary. Always consult your vehicle handbook. You can also check your brake fluid yourself! If it is light brown in colour, everything’s fine but dark brown brake fluid needs changing because it has been contaminated. Moreover, if you ever feel a loss of confidence in your brakes, it might be worth booking a brake fluid change. It’s hard to tell the exact cause of your problem, but that’s where Best Garages Limited come in!

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Why you should book with Best Garages Limited

We’re a quality independent garage that can rival larger garages in Newport. We deliver high-quality brake fluid changes at the lowest possible prices. We’re also committed to you, so we offer a wide range of additional services to keep your life moving. If you’d like a free vehicle health check or local collection and delivery of your vehicle as part of your appointment, just let us know when you make your booking. You’re also more than welcome to sit in our comfortable waiting room during your appointment.

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We’ve introduced an online booking tool to make the booking process simpler than ever before. With Best Garages Limited, you can book your brake fluid change in Newport 24/7. Just enter your registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be to receive a call back from a member of our friendly team. What’s more, we’ll never ask for payment details when we confirm your appointment – it’s just not the Best Garages Limited way!

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